An exciting new body of work by painter Michael Greer titled The Water Beyond opens July 30th at The Fraser Gallery, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The exhibition, which opens on July 30th with a reception on that day from 7-9:00 pm., will be on display until August 17th.

In The Water Beyond, water is ever present in seven new paintings by Michael Greer. Human figures often find themselves at the water’s edge; between land and sea, between the conscious and unconscious, between here and there.

Michael Greer writes: “The viewer becomes a witness to the narrative or implied narrative and to the layers of paint that are built up over time. The dramatic and technical narratives in the painting are carriers of emotion – mine. Even if my paintings are representational, I prefer to convey emotion over description. If my work resonates emotionally with the viewer even for a little while, much like we feel after watching a good movie, then I have achieved something.”

Michael Greer was raised in Italy, Spain, and Belgium, before returning to Canada to study. He studied fine arts at the University of Guelph and OCAD University in Ontario,  and the Academie des Beaux-Arts de Watermael-Boitsfort in Brussels, Belgium, before completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at NSCAD University in Nova Scotia. Following art school he made films/videos for a number of years before returning to painting and drawing. He currently lives, and maintains a studio practice, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The exhibition will surprise gallery visitors with textures, subtle color shifts and paintings that are somewhat open to interpretation. Please join us in the gallery for a reception on June 30th, from 7:00-9:00 pm.

More information about The Fraser Gallery including gallery hours can be found at

Contact info:

Michael Greer

Tel. 902-4665550

Instagram: @michaelgreer_art

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