Six creators open up about how they sell their work online.

Date: Wednesday, July 14
Time: 7-815pm
Tickets: free via Eventbrite

Thinking about selling your artwork or creations? Or, been selling for a while and want new insights and tips to grow your audience and sales?

The Creative Kick has asked six experienced creators in a variety of disciples to sit down and dish out the details. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Which platforms are best for selling certain kinds of art.
  • How to market/promote yourself, especially beyond social media.
  • Tips and tricks on shipping, commissions, wholesale and other fiddly bits.
  • Successes and bumps in the road along the journey of selling.

No matter if you’ve been selling your work online for a while, or are just considering taking the leap… this panel is for you!


Our awesome panelists

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Celine Gabrielle: Visual Artist (Celine Gabrielle Art)

Celine Gabrielle never expected to be an artist. But then again, she never expected a married mother of two living in a small town by the ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada. But she is and Nova Scotia has given her a home, a family and now a thriving art practice.

In the short time Celine has been exhibiting her work it has been widely received with acclaim and praise. Celine has exhibited her work in Nova Scotia, nationally in Toronto where she won The People’s Choice Award at The Artist Project in 2020, and internationally in online exhibits in New York City and The Other Art Fair Los Angeles where her work was included in the collection “The Best of LA”. In addition to growing her own practice she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and love of the arts and does so by co-hosting the weekly podcast “ART, ok cool” and teaching workshops in local schools.

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Crystal Picard: Graphic Designer (Hello Sweetie)

Hello Sweetie is an indie card studio based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia featuring Hand Lettered and digital illustrations by Crystal Picard.

Crystal started lettering in 2013 while in school for Graphic Design as a way to get back in touch with her drawing skills. After exploring traditional methods of illustration including watercolour, gouache, ink and a variety of pen styles—she transitioned over to digital illustration using the skills she’d learned.

During the day, Crystal runs her own freelance design business, helping clients with the day-to-day design and content creation that helps small business owners make their online marketing shine.

The rest of the time, she refills her creative cup by creating stylized illustrations to help people connect.

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Kemmy Smith: Visual Artist (Kreations By Kemmy)

Kreations By Kemmy is a custom sneaker business started in 2017 by Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD) graduate and Bahamas native, Kemmy Smith. Kemmy started this business to bring together his passion for art and shoes in the community.

Kemmy designs, paints, restores and builds different types of sneakers. Each “Kreation” is unique and Kemmy works closely with his clients to ensure their vision is captured perfectly on the shoe.

Kemmy has done work for Buddy Hield; The Sacramento Kings(NBA) from his native country of The Bahamas, Chavez Young; a professional baseball player with The Toronto Blue Jays minor league affiliate, The Toronto Blue Jays, Matthew Scianitti; a sports caster from TSN as well as many semi professional and Olympic athletes, musicians and local talents. Even collaborating with brands like Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) a chain of shoe stores through the US and Canada. Kemmy’s work has been has been featured in many media sources such as TSN, CBC, The Coast

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Liz Mac: Visual Artist (Liz Mac Draws)

Liz Mac is a freelance illustrator, designer, and public speaker based out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and have been operating since 2016. In previous lives she was a pastry cook, model, retail manager, writing student, and show girl. Drawing was the only constant and now, here she is, excited to work with you on your next project!

Past clients include: Canadian National Geographic, Creative South Georgia, Tourism Nova Scotia, Pigeon Row, Tums Canada, Hammer City Roller Derby, The Coast, Dartmouth Makers, Strange Adventures Comix and Curiousities, Imaginactive Entertainment, Royalty Gnomes, and Creative Heart Space Hamilton.

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Mimi Simmonds: Partner (KosaWrapShop)

Mimi is one of 3 partners of KosaWrapShop. She is involved in all parts of the business with a focus in the areas of marketing, business development, production and design, and human resources.

We started KosaWrapShop in the fall of 2019 when we saw a gap in the market. Our mom designed and made cute and functional satin lined fashion turbans for her grandkids which we loved and we wanted to share this product with the world. We discovered through our customer product reviews that a lot of our customers were sleeping in our fashion turbans so we figured it made sense to design a sleep cap. And that is how our revolutionary Kosa Satin Sleep Cap was created and our sleep cap quickly became the top selling product in our store. With customers all over the world but primarily in the USA and Canada our goal is to reduce the frequency of bad hair days, one head at a time!

Join the healthy hair maintenance revolution and take care of your hair with our Kosa Satin Sleep Cap!

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Stacey Cornelius: Marketing Consultant, Business Success Coach (Agency of Words)

Stacey Cornelius is a marketing consultant and business success coach. She helps creative, ambitious, introverted business owners confidently claim their space in the online marketplace. Stacey holds a BFA from NSCAD University. Her professional portfolio also includes social media, web design, copywriting, and jewelry design.

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Moderated by Alison K: web + brand consultant, artist, founder of the Creative Kick

Alison K believes creativity deserves company, and thus the Creative Kick was born in 2012. Alison is an international speaker, touching on the intersection of business, creativity and the web on stages across Canada, the US and the UK.

Alison has mentored emerging female and non binary designers and artists, and had held teaching positions at both NSCAD University and NSCC IT Campus. The arts community, and the need to foster it, runs deep in her veins.

Her day job is about being elbows deep in web and digital marketing consulting, and at night you’ll find her drawing lewd (but never crude) nekked folx.


Event artwork photo by Shannon Ellis.

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