Cross-eyed Optimist: How I Learned to See in 3D and Straightened my Eyes with Vision Therapy

A new book release from Halifax-based author, Robert Crockett

After developing crossed eyes (strabismus) as an infant, Robert underwent two eye muscle operations by the age of five. He was left with two eyes that appeared straight but did not work together effectively. All his life, doctors told him he’d never see in 3D.

In this inspiring true story, find out how Robert defied the odds and learned to see in 3D without surgery. He now urges parents to consider vision therapy to correct children’s eye muscle problems.

About Robert Crocket

Despite his vision challenges, he became a pilot, master boat builder, MBA recipient and life coach–by first hiding his problem, then learning how to adapt to a world he couldn’t see properly. Born and raised in Concord, Massachusetts, Robert now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Now available on Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo and others.

Published by NovaHeart Media in Halifax

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