Nova Scotia French Acadian Visual artist Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle

Currently working on the launch of a Go fund me Crowd Funding   project to have a meet and great Art Salon Showing in a space in Halifax/Dartmouth then Moncton.

All to raise money to develop MBF-Lifestyle Experience Design Brand Logo NFT art projects on the BitcoinSV-Blockchain,

Working at finding Patrons to help with his need for a space; to stage a pop up Meet and Greet Standing Salon Showing for 52 hours in 5; 4 hour time blocks

Friday 4-8:00pm, Saturday  12-4:00pm and 4:00-8:00pm , Sunday 12-4:00pm and 4:00-8:00pm

To view 24 Canvas paintings from 1980-2020 showing the retrospective works of 40 years .. 4 row 6 paintings in each row.

Hermes Creative Awards Platinum Winner in Motion Graphic Category June 2021

As well as 100+ NFT rotating 360 degree experience design brand logos. NFTs projected onto a wall screen, with music.

Charge $20:00 to enter for a 4 hour time session.

Sell a really cold beer in a 30 min window for $10:00 .

Play music to go with the visual-Flow as to have a real Audio Visual starting at experience at 4:00pm on Friday evening.

In an Owner Donated Space  like AGNS ,Scotia Bank, Dalhousie University Hall, St Mary’s Boat Club whatever sponsored space that is a supplied in a downtown Building Lobby Space easy to lock up tight at night.

All so as to crowd fund the research and development of NFT smart contracts to deploy onto the blockchain, as well as to Pay rent on a Moncton Studio, as well as build up the the exhibition resources of MBF-Lifestyle.

With the purchase van to transport the exhibition, 24 easels $50:00 each, 50 art print frames $20:00 each, small robust sound system$1000:00,Cube projector $300:00, two triads on wheel dollies so as to move them around while projecting NFTs on a screen ,and doing a Facebook live and promoting the post for $1;00/day

All towards selling art that delivers an intense emotional experience that creates a desire for the artwork, greater than the customer’s desire to keep their money in their pocket.

All building towards an Initial Public Offering IPO style

Initial Coin Offering ICO offering of an art canvas for sale in

Shares that supportive people buy.

Via 100 sacoch with 1000 patrons/tokens/shares in each sackoch,

making 100,000 tokens…start selling from prices like listed below

1-20,000 $4/per-token

21-40,000 $8/per-token

41-60,000 $16/per-token

61-80,000 $32per-token

81—100,000 $64per-token

I currently have close to 100 NFT s in ERC-1155 smart contracts as part of the opensea platform

free minting offer from them to developers , where it is all written up by their WYSIWYG editor t

hat has it all good to go and when someone buys it, then and only then  is it deployed to the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Gas fees are deducted After the Sale which is great and cool for the Ethereum Platform.

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