Archetypal branding allows the viewing audience to connect and identify certain parts of themselves with the characters, and as such become more invested and involved in the story as if it were a living thing.

The esoteric Inspired totemic imagery used by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle are setting themselves apart since they are guided by the beauty in the heavens. Delivering a 3D motion graphic design experience that provides a sensorial feeling the viewers simply cannot get in static non-motion images. Currently in trending Creator Queue of the top Blockchain developer platforms in the world.

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In a new age where new morals and values are taking form in a metaverse that is in its infancy, it is something savvy brand logo design collectors and influencers, with a keen eye for aesthetic design, are taking note of. Via worldwide press releases at EIN News wire.

Archetypes have been etched into our collective psyche for millennia, they have their shadows just as each of us has a shadow side that we keep hidden from ourselves and others.

It often represents our fears, our guilt, and our repressed desires, and is quite key in what we are drawn towards in the timeless visual narratives of value.

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