Marlene Joudry

Learn how to make a contemporary Porcupine quill choker with porcupine quills, beads and leather in this two-day course with Marlene Joudry.

Participants will learn how to sort their quills cut them and sew them on with beads onto the leather. Each participant will design their own choker.

The tools used are scissors, needles, thread, leather strips, glass beads, and natural porcupine quills that Marlene has gathered and treated from here in Nova Scotia. The instructor will provide individual kits for each participant.

OCTOBER 1, 2022, 10 am – 5 pm
(1 hour lunch)

OCTOBER 2, 2022, 10am – 1pm

For beginners to quillwork

Course Fee: $220
Materials Fee: $ 35
(non-refundable, payable to instructor on 1st day of class)
Class Capacity: 13


Mi’kmaq quillwork in its traditional and contemporary forms has a rich and complex history, with beautiful geometric patterns and designs. Contemporary quillwork combines traditional with modern materials, such as glass or plastic beads and leather.

By the mid 1700’s, the designs became an important commodity mainly in the European souvenir market. The naturally black and white quills were hand-collected by the artist, cleaned, dyed with homemade or commercial colours, and then arranged in holes in birch bark. The artist then sewed the quills into varying patterns and forms with their European clientele in mind. Each handmade item is unique, and the practice is alive today in artists like Marlene Joudry and the traditional Elders who educated her.

Marlene Joudry is a quillwork artist with decades of experience and expertise in her field. In addition to chokers, Joudry makes earrings, baskets, medicine pouches, and more.


The location of this course is at the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark – Parrsboro office. At noon on the first day, there will be an hour for participants to have lunch in town.

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