Instructor: Ken Flett

An inspirational Masterclass focusing on introspection and self-expression while exploring a wide variety of media. We will begin with constructing a pinhole camera for self-portraits and move into work with an evocative yet basic materials such as fabric, rusty metal, and beeswax. Building and revealing surfaces for rich collage and mixed media pieces will be explored. Students will work with their own personal narratives and focus on creating pieces rich with personal meaning.

JULY 23, 2022, 10 am – 4 pm
(1 hour lunch)

JULY 24, 2022, 10am – 4pm

For beginners to intermediate (multimedia artists)

Course Fee: $180
Materials Fee: $40
(non-refundable, payable to instructor on 1st day of class)

Class Capacity: 10

Day 1:

Participants will build a 8×10” cardboard pinhole camera using old record album covers, black tape and a little tinfoil. In the back of the cardboard box they will place a 8×10” black and white photographic paper (this being done in a dark room with a red light).
You will then photograph a person in daylight (roughly 1 to 3 minutes exposure time) and then bring the camera back into the darkroom where the photographic paper would be printed. Finally, this image would be contact printed again to give a positive image.

Day 2:

I will introduce you to range of techniques to transfer your photograph onto a prepared hardboard surface and to incorporate them into your paintings, collage or mixed media artwork.
You will discover how to blend, distress and create composite images by hand (as opposed to through a digital process). We will explore how to add texture to your painting through palette knife work, or draw on top of the photograph print, we will also incorporate cut papers and found objects.

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