MBF-Lifestyle part of Voice NFT residency program visionaries in arts and culture with emerging creative minds

Canadian contemporary artist NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast is happy to be part of the Voice Residency program’s second season. The restrictive partisan politics of his native Nova Scotia makes it impossible for him to get a platform to host his artistic voice. Making the Voice residency a shining light to help him home his craft and forge forward for another 40 years plus without being Ghosted by the Insular conservative backward thinking bureaucrats that run arts culture like arts and crafts like a business linked to the heritage patrimonial tourist industry which hasn’t gone anywhere in years.

The residency has liberal forward-thinking people in the know helping innovative creative minds who share the same passion for empowering the broader creative class emerging in the new Web3.0 Blockchain reactjs metave3rse. By simply combining technology with the talent Voice fulfills its mission statement of helping emerging creators get discovered Something Atlantic Canadian art culture simply does not do since it is simply threatened by the new and innovative voice and force in the creative contemporary visual arts.

NFT Digital Designs by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast
NFT Digital Designs by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast

Just like the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2002, the recent bursting (or deflating) of the NFT bubble in 2022 is a healthy development. It will cleanse some of the irrational exuberance from the space it will lead to higher-quality, more professional innovation in the evolving space. MBF-Lifestyle design experience creates a visual representation of the relations between these dimensions of reality and how we psychologically interpret them through our sub mental symbolism.

Because NFTs are part of a bigger trend in the blockchain world. That trend is called Meta-Reality. Where the real world and the digital world meet; based in a virtual environment.

NFT Digital Designs by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast

But using an avatar, you can “live,” work, and play there. Essentially, you can do pretty much anything you can do in the real world; and track it all with Roundhill Ball Metaverse GATEWAY VIA DEFI GAMING: AN ENTRY POINT FOR WEB3 AND METAVERSE ADOPTION.

After being marginalized and isolated by local culture for close to half a century Claude Edwin Theriault finds a breath of fresh air in the supportive residency environment of Voice.com.With project guidance, creative stipend bonus incentive as well as promotion on the voice homepage and social media sites. Something Bell media owned ATV.ca as well as Newspaper Oloigarch Saltwire steadfast refuse to do since they are Conservative  Franco phobic, Queer phobic Halifax centric bastilles

Fear is a lack of Data

In the Voice residency; residents are expected to create challenging NFT projects and collections that cover themes that connect the creators to the world’s most pertinent topics of the day, as Contemporary arts should do. From onboarding to the building and launching an NFT project that matters and brings value to the table. With the current volatility of crypto, people are turning to NFTs as a place to store their money into an actual asset of value that they may actually happen to like for its actual NFT aesthetic value.

The 12 item Divide and Conquer Inc NFT  collection is set to Drop at 1:00p ET May 30 2022

The collaborative aspect is strong in the community as opposed to the mainstream Atlantic Canadian community where a self-centered ego is the Cast du Jour. Collaboration is key to harnessing new means of creative expression and expanding one’s collector base while building a strong based community and creator network you own as part of the sovereignty of your intellectual property. New concepts mainstream simply does not get…yet.

What is the problem with centralization and Trusted third parties? NFTs are the mean of decentralization.

Collaboration takes you out of your established creative style and routine and mixes you into someone else’s style, hence the learning curve it brings by unlocking new means of creating. Experimenting with a new style widens your perception and brings you to new markets and venues to cultivate for real instead of on a vision board or grant application page. Tools like Laylo help you get the message out to the right people at the exact time.

Voice.com is dedicated to the creative NFT Process

NFT Digital Designs by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast

The voice also has an ongoing collaboration with innovative brands and charities that are leaders and cornerstones in a new way to market by building communities that have an interactive DAO say in the NFT project drops, hence the mercurial rise of the new metaverse marketing model MBF-Lifestyle is joining forces with so as to stay in the innovative feedback loop, instead of the same old centralized Web 2.0 social media platforms of data mining for corporate profit with no royalties for the creative force behind the content data.

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