Teichert Gallery proudly presents Inae Kim’s new exhibition “Chasing the Light.” The show is a masterclass in architectural and landscape painting. Whether an afternoon stroll in Lunenburg or a jog through Point Pleasant, Kim’s paintings capture the essence of their subjects, immortalizing the ephemeral experience of light and shadow.

“Chasing the Light” encapsulates Nova Scotian cityscapes alongside its wooded interior. Kim’s work finds inspiration in the fleeting afternoon sun’s shine on classic Victorian houses and green forests alike.

Of the featured painting “Quiet Neighbours,” Kim writes: “This painting is a reflection of living in two different cultures as a Korean Canadian. Both sides of the two half houses represent two half cultures, not fully belonging to one or the other. It realizes the beauty of standing in between, having a unique experience and perspective from which to grow.”

The show is on view and purchase only for the month of June, with rental options following in July. See the works in person at 1723 Hollis Street, or browse online here.

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