Please join us on Thursday, February 2, 6-8pm for the opening of NewPoints.

Every year ViewPoint Gallery welcomes new exhibiting members with an exhibition that showcases their work. This year ViewPoint is excited and pleased to welcome Chris Kelly, Dean Hirtle, and Kim Ottenbrite.

Chris Kelly: My photography journey started while I was living in the Northwest Territories photographing the amazing Aurora Borealis. Self-taught I learned using an entry level camera and kit lens. I eventually upgraded when my gear was the limiting factor. After leaving the North I expanded on my photography interests mostly targeting nature, such as landscapes, waterfalls, Milky Way and even snowflakes. I enjoy the technical side of photography and like to challenge myself, for example a single snowflake image takes up to 4 hours to process. I am also slowly building a deep-sky astrophotography imaging set up.

Dean Hirtle: I like to get outdoors and take a camera along through all seasons, being open to capture images that present themselves along the way as well as seeking out specific subject matter. Images in the natural world are my mainstay. Other photographic interests include travel photos, photojournalism, architecture and creative images.

Kim Ottenbrite: No matter the genre, an image needs to make the observer feel something, to question something, to take you on a journey, to tell a story. Kim’s heart and soul lies in the creation of moody, emotional, storytelling images where emotion regularly trumps technical. She shoots from a very emotional place, from her heart , from what “feels” right, from what stirs something deep inside her. Kim particularly identifies with images that make her catch her breath, that stop her in her tracks, that makes her “feel”.

Exhibition: February 2-26, 2023

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 2, 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, February 12, 2pm

 Open to all – free to attend.

ViewPoint Gallery

1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford NS

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