ViewPoint Gallery June 2023 exhibition

Counting the Walls”

by visiting artist Frederic hb

Exhibition: June 1-July 2, 2023
Opening reception: Thursday, June 1, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: at the opening reception, 7:30pm

Open to all – free to attend.

For each of us early life experiences and traumas produce long term conditioning, constructed ways of dealing with reality and going through life. Counting the Walls intends to shed light on these psychological spaces where we often wander unconsciously and which make us a prison to ourselves.

Through a first-person perspective viewers are invited to reflect upon the relationship between physical and psychological spaces as a first step in identifying personal prisons.

Deliberately vernacular, Frederic’s work is rooted in psychological awareness and introspection. His approach uses reality as a means to explore inner thoughts, psychological states and functionings.


Born in Normandy, France, in 1989, Frederic attended English Literature and Civilisation studies and taught English and French between 2007 and 2014. In 2019 photography became his main means of expression and he completed an AEC in Professional Photography in Montreal QC in 2021. In 2022 he was selected as a Fresh Eyes talent and his work was showcased in Polycopies Paris, OFF Bratislava, Museumplein in Amsterdam and Keilestraat 9 in Rotterdam.

Frederic currently works out of Montreal QC, focusing on various personal projects while remaining available for commissioned work.

ViewPoint Gallery
12-5, Thursday-Sunday
1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford NS



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