Dieppe Arts & Culture Center

331 avenue Acadie, Dieppe NB

Opening Reception /Vernissage

Monday, July 31 from 5-7pm

Well, it’s really happening!

My very first art show in my hometown province of New Brunswick…and hopefully the beginning of many more to come.

This will be a group show in the commercial spaces of the Dieppe Arts & Culture center. The three artists will be myself, Denis Lanteigne and
Jacques Tremblay.

Please mark your calendar and drop by during the opening reception which is open house style from 5-7pm. The show lasts for two months so if you can’t make the meet the artist’s reception, drop by during the duration of the show and enjoy some artwork.

Each painting in this work includes a poem about the sound of a childhood train as the underpainting.  I call the series Echoes because of the ghost-like top layers that allude to history and celebrate the child that was free to explore.

The notion of looking at one’s childhood and creating art from that place has taught me that my work compels dialogue and human connection. Each is an illustrative and surfaced-designed composition that incorporate visual stories highlighting the mosaic of who I am and celebrating commonalities.

I use healing symbology throughout. Examples are Circles for wholeness, Bear for courage, Rabbit for vulnerability, Tree for stability, Owl for wisdom and Birds for freedom and spirituality.

Ah, the sound of a distant train!

Whistles blow their warning!

Blaring near or fading far; all decided by the wind!


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