The Conseil jeunesse provincial de la Nouvelle-Écosse (CJP) is looking for francophone artists and facilitators for an artistic youth event called La Rencontre sociale et créative !

On the week-end of Sept 29th – Oct 1ts, 30 youths from grade 7 to 9 will be gathered at Tatamagouche Center. The participants will have the opportunity to meet other young francophone artists (from all parts of NS) and explore their creativity while assisting music, dance, drama, visual arts workshops (and more !).

The CJP is looking for people interested in hosting 60 to 90 minutes workshops with group of 10 to 15 youths. Small projects and introduction courses are all welcome. 

Artists can specify the amount needed for the workshops and materials. The CJP will provide transportation ($0.55/km), meals and lodging if needed.

More information here . Submit your project before August 1st !

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