CMA2024 among top Nova Scotia Festival Events to see in Summer 2024

CMA executive committee and Social media profile management

In today’s digital landscape, information spreads rapidly, and visibility often relies on choosing the right words at the right time. Claude Edwin Theriault, a contemporary artist proficient in social media and press release writing, uses press releases to make Le Congres Mondial Acadian (CMA) the must-attend festival event in Atlantic Canada for the summer of 2024. 

Reviving Acadian Culture Through Music:CMA2024 in Clare and Argyle .
Reviving Acadian Culture Through Music: CMA2024 in Clare and Argyle.

While press releases have long been effective for disseminating news, their potential in the digital age is often underestimated. Claude Edwin Theriault recognizes and effectively employs their power to bring attention to CMA 2024. However, he faces challenges with the closed-walled garden CMA 2024 executive committee, who appear more concerned with their interests than welcoming an outsider working to inform the public about the festival’s details.

It is interesting to note that the executive committee seems oblivious to Theriault’s efforts. In today’s interconnected world, resisting change and outside influence is a losing strategy. Theriault’s social media skills should not be underestimated, as he understands how to craft and distribute content that captures attention and generates buzz on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. By leveraging his social media prowess, Theriault ensures that CMA 2024 remains a prominent topic of conversation in the digital sphere of Atlantic Canada festival and event news.

The disconnect between Theriault’s efforts and the executive committee’s complacency becomes evident. While he utilizes the power of online engagement to draw attention to CMA 2024, the committee remains stuck in an outdated mindset, relying on traditional means of promotion. This insufficient approach perpetuates an isolated, fragmented view of French Acadian culture, which innovative contemporary artists are working to change.