How can I subscribe to the Daily Digest email?

  • Simply click on the button in the top menu, or click here, to go to the page where you can subscribe to the email list.  You will receive an email with a verification link which you must click in order to start receiving updates.

Why is this now a paid service?

  • I tried everything I could to set this up as a free service, but it was impossible to find free providers to use. I have to ask for a very small annual payment to cover the costs of running the service. You can still view the listings on the website for free.

Can you add or remove my email address from the list?

  • If you would like to subscribe you need to go through the link above to set up your subscription. If you would like to unsubscribe there is a link at the bottom of every email which allows you to unsubscribe. However, this DOES NOT CANCEL YOUR PAYMENT! If you’d like to cancel your subscription please email me at info@maritimeartinfo.com and I will cancel your subscription payment (I’m working on a way to allow you to do this yourself – coming soon!)

I cancelled my subscription before my paid year was up, do I get a refund for the time not used?

  • If you cancel your subscription before the end of a year period you will continue to receive emails until the year is up. There is no refund for partial-year periods.

When will I start receiving email updates?

  • Emails are sent out every morning. Each email will contain all of the previous day’s updates.

I’m not receiving emails?

  • Please check your junk mail and spam filters in case it is being caught there. Also please approve or ‘whitelist’ info @ maritimeartinfo.com to make sure emails are approved by your provider.

Can you post a listing on the site for me?

  • The site is designed to allow users to post their own listings. Please create a free account to be able to post a listing.

I created an account but I can’t post a listing, why?

  • New user accounts must be approved before they are allowed to post content; you will receive an email when you have been approved.

My listing was removed, why?

  • This site is for art-related content that is relevant for the Maritime art community. If your listing was removed it must not have followed this rule.