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Each of these prices is for the *same service* – to receive the daily digest email. Please choose the price which you can afford to pay – I hope you’ll agree that even $25/yr is a very reasonable price! And just in case you feel like I’m being too generous offering such low prices, or you are a business and really appreciate the opportunity to share your events/products, I also have a ‘choose your price’ option, if you’d like to pay more than $25/yr. Remember there is no charge for listing on the site 🙂

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Wait, why do I have to pay?

I spent a long time working out how to put this site together, and despite my best efforts there was just no way I could run the service without incurring costs. From web hosting to mailing list providers, there were fees. I can’t afford to run the site at a loss, so the best solution I could come up with was a ‘choose your rate’ model to allow as many people as possible be able to use the service.