NFT drop of French Acadian cultural reboot Neuro-Genesis-Patrimoine and the Big Divide Nordic dual Rotating Tonal to Nagual

Visual narrative from one to the other and the other to the one.

French Acadian Neuro Genesis NFT Drop News to watch

Je Broche un Narratif “Une Belle Gousse Yarn Visuelle”. my narrative weaves its way in and out like coastal Nova Scotia Summer Fog along the North Atlantic Seaboard. From abeam of Cap Forchu or Isle Haute or the Three Sisters of Blomidon

MBF-Lifestyle Designs are the emerging experience design brand logos to watch… From morning Munit Haec et Altera Vincit/French Acadian Cross/Vitruvian Man Claude style .

NFT designs with Aesthetic taste and style not found just anywhere , a sort of Fashion Jewelry

moment and become a Rotating Holographic Fabergé Egg a la Claude @MBF-Lifestyle

Gazing at beauty is therapeutic especially when it is in motion

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