There are NFTs and then there are;3D Motion Graphic NFT Insignia; Avatar complements for your metaverse real estate.

Via the trending NFT experience designs the MBF-Lifestyle opensea collection; which has

more than 100 crafted visual Tarot card deck narratives, with a therapeutic calming visual social message to them.

Nova-Scotia-Coat-of-arms-French-Acadian-Cross-Bluenose-Schooner-Etude pour Monolith NFT.


Nova-Scotia-Coat-of-arms-French-Acadian-Cross-Bluenose-Schooner-July-2021-Monolith…Claude Edwin Theriault -MBF-Lifestyle East Coast…a Voire.

Experience design brand Logo in the emerging metaverse is akin to ancient Rome, where “The House” had an entrance called the ostium
The ostium entrance had A Motto coat of arms with its self-proclaiming Munit Haec et Altera Vincit mantra as you entered their cloistered world.
As in Rome, so shall it be in the Influencer status culture of the new metaverse.

Up until now, Logos were a point of identification; the symbol customers use to recognize brands they relate to.
New Motion graphic logos trigger a longer-lasting recall that the name alone may not.

There is a parallel trend happening with the masses starting to add Archetype Insignia to their Virtual Reality Real estate.

Once it is part of their collective psyche usage spikes than the status attached to it; since usage is what drives the MAT Mass Adoption Tokenization boom.

People like the MetaCollective DAO used a virtual real estate broker to buy 23 parcels in The Sandbox, a user-generated, blockchain-based virtual world,
for prices starting at 1ETH (about $3,000). Soon a nearby property sold for about 42ETH, or $130,000; such is the speed and degree of growth.
With a motion graphic Experience design, the perceived value of the property is enhanced, just like cool landscaped ground lights
in a real-world property can bring out the look and make it shine like an Influencer Mansion.
Be it next to the Busy compound of the Bored Ape Yacht Club community, opposite to a plot owned by Adidas.

NFT Digital Designs by Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle East Coast


MAT Mass Adoption tokenization platforms

There is now an address actually called Sandbox Hill Road, just like Silicon Valley’s famous Sand Hill Road.

Part of the mindset that is migrating to The Sandbox platform where this “land” exists.

Already, the parcels’ value has gone up about ten times in price, making their holdings potentially worth many millions of dollars.

“It’s like the New York City of The Sandbox,” “Like the Lower East Side or Soho right now.”

And speculative investors are investing believing it can be of value; because it simply can and will be, so make it shine.

Since the metaverse is meant to encompass everything that exists virtually, from digital art to virtual worlds,
which is why the real estate parcels that are being snapped up can be seen as just one of the many types of metaverse NFT investment
Virtual AAAGaming worlds like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Earth2, Nifty Island, Superworld, Wilder World Axie Infinity
each offer different things to users: hyper-realistic graphics, gaming options, communities of interest-specific types of early adopters.

All of these tech-savvy players with Digital wallets; a sub-niche in the Millions now becoming numbered in the Billions all very active with style-conscious taste
MetaCollective investor early-stage venture firm has three billion people worldwide who are gamers, with an eye for the motion graphic
designs created by Claude Edwin Theriault. With the aesthetic value; they have and look into its beauty and see themselves and their values reflected back.

MBF-Lifestyle experience designs have a social edge to them, yet the narrative is never over the top; and in sync with modern contemporary designs
that do not express anywhere near as much passion to their form, overlaid in totemic animal spirit work running parallel with Inuksuk monoliths to guide
and lead us; to find others of the same interest and taste. In the current Social Turning Winter cycle, we are in.


Notre-Dame-De-Paris-Brule NFT artworks from MBF-Lifestyle

Local Atlantic Canadian Nocturne and Francofest 2022 event art curators are not too keen on the designs since they are of a different centralized ideology;
as opposed to the current decentralized blockchain platforms that are giving the self-representing artist a creative platform
to express their artist narratives without the insular patrimonial heritage confines that have kept art on a stagnant level
as opposed to it being the force that drives civilizations and cultures forward.

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