King’s County Museum invites artists to “Brush with Nature”, en plein air.

Brush with Nature is a cross-promotional event that serves to raise money (and
the profile) for King’s County Museum; and supports the work of artists, while
celebrating the beauty of the County’s natural and historic features, and the Miner’s
Marsh location in particular.

The event is also to raise awareness of our region’s plein air artists. Proceeds from
art sales, auctions, and draws will be shared between the artist and the museum.

Artists at any level are invited to register with Brush with Nature – to paint/sketch
within King’s County. Artists are divided into two groups (PROfessional Level and
OPEN Level).

Artists who register for Brush with Nature can, optionally, choose to participate in the
Long Brush and/or the Short Brush (aka Quickdraw).
Part 1 Long Brush: 1st-18th August 2022
Part 2 Short Brush: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Saturday 20th August 2022.


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