Tidal Skies – new artwork by Bob Hainstock

Visual Voice Fine Art presents “Tidal Skies,” landscape oil paintings, prints, mixed media pieces and sculpture by Bob Hainstock. In the artist’s own words: This new work continues to reflect the beautiful and uncertain relationship between the natural worlds above and around us, and the smaller, human-made places below. It’s a reminder of the never-ending visual abstractions of a natural world; always changing, always needing our interpretations. This compares to the slower, more permanent changes seen in the engineered, domesticated world of humankind, often hiding future truths behind beautiful seasons and beguiling panoramas. Landscape has always been the fuel for my passion in visual story telling. Half my life was spent on the big sky flat farmlands of the Canadian Prairies, and the other half under the always-changing skies of Atlantic Canada’s farmland in the Annapolis Valley. In both instances, the weather skies shaped the human experience below. But today we realize that we have begun to shape the weather above us and not always in a good way. I see and feel Tidal Skies when I think of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s line about weather, “announced by all the trumpets of the sky.”
A beautiful show for everyone, don’t miss it!

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