Empowering Your Creativity 

8 week course of exploring stress and how to manage it, learn mindfulness techniques including some Tai Chi and reconnect to your creative side with drawing and painting.   Meeting weekly for 2 hrs on either Wed Sept 20th from 10 am -12 noon or Thursday Sept 21 from 6 pm -8 pm.  Cost $225.00.  First day I will have supplies for you and a list of further supplies will be given on registration.

What does it mean to be “creative”? While commonly connected to the arts, creativity extends well beyond that idea. Creativity empowers one to think outside the box and explore new possibilities. It is a valuable skill that fuels innovation and drives progress. Creativity contributes to positive mental health and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, excessive stress blocks the creative part of our minds, prevents us from thinking outside the box and contributes to a decline in overall mental health.

Currently, there is a chronic stress problem among Nova Scotia’s as a result of a number of tragic events over the past 3 years. According to a 2020 report by Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC), Nova Scotians reported Canada’s highest levels of anxiety and depression due to COVID-19, and the greatest nation-wide increase. More than 80% of Canadian adults experience levels of excessive stress in their daily lives

Instructor   Janice Webber is an artist and physiotherapist based in Dartmouth Nova Scotia who uses painting, photography, and pottery to unleash her creativity. As a physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience, she has taught clients how to deal with the physical issues of stress, breathing techniques, stretching, and Tai Chi. She has been an artist since her teens.

In March 2019, Janice opened her own business, 3 P’s Art Studio and offers various artwork mediums for sale and in-person workshops to empower creativity, In December 2019 Janice’s plans for her art business were changed when she caught Covid which led to her journey of eventually dealing with Long Covid. This journey has provided Janice the personal experience of living with stress and the effects it has on reducing one’s creativity. As a result of the pandemic, Janice decided to combine her lived experience with Covid and her arts background to create “Empowering Your Creativity” in-person workshops after she discovered that her physiotherapy clients were exhibiting an overall increase in stress.

Janice now considers herself a Creative Transformational Mentor.  She primarily works with women who want to stress less and connect with their inner artist.  She helps people understand stress, how to reduce their stress using different techniques, how to work with mindfulness using Tai Chi, and how to tap into their creativity using art as a method of access.

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