The Gallery is brimming with new works – two exhibitions along with two new spaces we’ve opened up.
The Gallery’s main courses are Roxxane Smith’s solo exhibition, BEHOLD in Gallery A, and the members’ group theme show LAND, SEA & SKY in Gallery B.
BEHOLD is like no other exhibit you’ve seen at ViewPoint; the result of months of research and preparation so give yourself some time to take it all in.
LAND, SEA & SKY is a collection of new work by all the exhibiting members. It’s the first time we’ve themed Gallery B and given the beautiful results we’ll be theme-ing again real soon and regularly.
FRESH EYES / Guest Artist, features the stunning work of the Photo Guild’s president, Laszlo Podor. His stack-focussed macro images are amazingly beautiful – one is comprised of 130 layers!
FEATURED MEMBER. Ron Pitts is kicking off this new initiative. He’s put up several of his wonderful wildlife composites along with two stunners for LAND, SEA & SKY.
ViewPoint Gallery
1475 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS

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