Duality : Side Two – from the Studio. A solo show by Ted Coldwell. Opening reception August 5, 8pm.

Exhibition: August 2 – 29, 2021

Opening Reception: Thursday August 5, 8pm

Artist talk: Sunday August 15, 2pm


Open to the public Free to attend


We all have it. Two sides. It’s hard wired into us from our very beginning. How much of one side versus the other varies from person to person, but there are always two sides. To everyone.

 Left brained, right brained is what we usually hear. Logical, analytical is left brained. Creative, artistic is right brained. The proportion is different for everyone. Both sides together equal you.

 “Duality” presents where I’ve been and points in the directions I’m going – whether it’s into the world to create abstract images out of  details or into the studio to create an imaginary scene on an empty table.


                                                                                                              – Ted Coldwell