2022 COURSE CALENDAR: Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

World-class instruction, awe-inspiring locations on the phenomenal Bay of Fundy.

In 2015, Parrsboro Creative started the initiative known as The Cultural Campus, offering creative courses in various art disciplines through a joint effort with artistic and cultural organizations on the Parrsboro Shore, also known as Cultural Campus Affiliates. Together we deliver an annual course calendar of programs in different facilities to showcase art, craft and culture in the one of the most beautiful areas found in Nova Scotia.

The Cultural Campus operates year-round and holds courses annually primarily from May to October.

Courses are organized as two- to four-day intensive, continuous learning programs with an instructor.
Workshops are organized as one-day focused programs with an instructor, showcasing certain techniques or topics of interest.

Courses offered in 2022:

Learn to Paint Fabric with Earth Pigments: Mud, Clay, and Soil with Josephine Clarke
Introduction to Loom Weaving with Beth and Tom Poirier
Creating Powerful Abstracts with Monika Wright
Plein Air Abstract Impressionism with Chantal Julien
The Magic and Mystery of Egg Tempera Painting with William and Tom Forrestall
Exploring Clay in the Natural World with Janet Doble
Watercolour Painting with Joy Laking
Creative Sunshine – An Introduction to Cyanotype Art with Bonnie Baker
The Art of Willow Basketry with Pat Reid
Carving Large: The Water Column Project with Jennifer Marlow
Encaustic Art — Wax — Pigment — Magic — Inspiration with Lynn Robin
Figure Painting from Life with William (Bill) Rogers
Plein Air – Painting the Colours of the Bay of Fundy with William (Bill) Rogers
Painting from the Inside Out with Wayne Boucher
Contemporary Mi’kmaw Porcupine Quill, Leather and Beaded Choker with Marlene Joudry

Click here to peruse the 2022 course calendar and register! https://www.parrsborocreative.com/cultural-campus/course-calendar