VR outdoor art exhibit

Date: April 25th- May 31

Location: Virtual

Text blurb:
I have made my own web accessible VR art exhibit. It is a recreation of a rural outdoor space, and coinciding land art. I have made it so anyone can see it without having to drive anywhere! It is recommended to view on a larger screen other than a phone.  You can click and drag to pan around in any direction.
Over the course of the pandemic, I have been visiting sites of industrial decay across rural eastern Nova Scotia, and creating ephemeral sculpture art with what I find.

The art work presented is called  “Invasive Species 2.0” .

The location that I have modelled is from a section of expropriated land. 13 years ago,  10 families in Guysborough County were made to leave their homes to make way for the construction of a proposed shipping port. The port was never built, and the land sits vacant to this day. But Traces of the lives it uprooted still remain. I created an artwork inspired by these traces.

Thank you to the Canada Council of the Arts in helping make this project possible!

You can access it at the links below:

OR on the artists website here ( Click play and click enter fullscreen)
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