Congrès mondial acadien (CMA) 2024 commemorative NFT Series

Congrès mondial acadien (CMA) 2024 and Our Artist from The Baie Sainte Marie area


french Acadian artist and NFT creator Claude Edwin Theriault releases  the first in a series of commemorative NFTs

To focus on the French Acadian Patrinmonial Heritage industry and the hard-working Academic beaurocrates who promote it

                                       Nova Scotia cultural event to watch

Patrimoine Acadienne encadrer sur soi-meme pour des siecles et des siecles

L’industrie Patrimoine Acadienne encadrer, depuis plus de 400 ans.

There is the NFT series on the Ethereum blockchain platform of opensea as well as the Print on Metal version on Fine art America.

Congrès mondial acadien (CMA) 2024 and our artist from the bay NFT series on opensea
Congrès mondial acadien (CMA) 2024 and our artist from the bay NFT series on opensea

Patrimoine Acadienne encadrer industry,all the way for the past 400 years plus.

All are being disrupted by blockchain technologies Since the artist’s world is changing. rapidly.

The executive committee organizing the Congrès Mondial Acadian (CMA) 2024 will tell you, there is simply not enough time for

all the details there are to be taken care of in preparation for the showcase of Our Artist from the Bay .

“The history books will tell what happened in french acadian culture, but the art of Claude Edwin Theriault will tell them how we felt about it.”

Where once an artist’s primary concern was how to get their work seen by as many people

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like blockchain opensea as well as the blog platform

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The Rise of Decentralized Social Media Platforms

In the past decade, we’ve seen a massive shift in how people consume content online.
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However, as we’ve seen with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other instances of data
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This is where DSPs come in. By spreading the power among its users instead of
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